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With temperatures starting to drop more on each outing, I’d be open to advice from others about cooler/cold weather gear. It seems today I was having a hard time regulating temps, shifting from cold to hot a lot. To be honest though I know I don’t have the proper gear, I just layer up with a bunch of cotton layers of varying thickness, as needed by the forecast. But enough rambling, on the the pics.


GPS Data



These were part an experiment with off camera flash and wireless triggers. This setup was an attempt at doing this on the cheap. Overall it was around the $100 mark for everything, cheap considering you can pay up to $500 for the pro level triggers alone, and that’s used online.

This set has no post processing other than a couple of crops. Everything shown as shot in camera. Colors change based on the White Balance settings.

Equipment Used

  • Camera:        Sony Nex 5N
  • Flash:            Yongnuo YN-560 II
  • Triggers:      CowboyStudio NPT-04



  • Mode:                      Manual
  • Focal Length:      40-55mm
  • Exposure:             1/160 sec @ ƒ/11
  • ISO:                          100